Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is BRisa?

BRisa (or python-brisa) is an UPnP framework written in Python and licensed under the MIT License. The project also provides a few user applications:
  • Media Server serves your media over the network
  • Media Renderer plays media served somewhere over the network (e.g. from a media server)
  • Media Applet can easily start/stop media servers/renderers

Q: What is UPnP?

UPnP is a technology that eliminates all the complexity of adding devices to a network. For example, suppose you buy a new printer and you want it to be available on your home network for all PC's to use it. For having that, you'll usually need to install the drivers and attach the printer to a computer.

An UPnP-enabled printer would need just its cord plugged into the wall and connected to the network with a cable or wireless (if present in the printer). No need for drivers.

* Actually, UPnP is much more than that (the explanation above is very brief and for introductory purposes only). For more information, please see the UPnP about webpage. It describes throughly the goodies of this technology.

Q: What is a device? What is a control point? (Terminology)

A device in the UPnP world is some piece of equipment that can communicate using the UPnP protocol. This means that there are devices that are just computer programs and devices that are both the program and the hardware.

Examples: UPnP-enabled printer (hardware and program), media server running on your desktop computer (just a program), an UPnP binary light (hardware and program) and so on.

A control point is a program that can control UPnP devices. For example, a binary light can be switched on/off using a control point. This control point might be a simple one that controls only binary lights or a more complex one, that is able to control a range of devices types that includes binary lights.

An example of control point would be an application that controls the lights, audio ambience and security of a house. A simpler one would be just a wireless switch that switches off a light.

Q: What can BRisa do for me?

  • Create UPnP devices and services of any kind
  • Create UPnP control points for any kind of device
  • A lot more! Check what we have on our Documentation

Q: Where can I run it?

Linux, Mac OSX, Nokia maemo devices (N800, N810).

BRisa might also run on *BSD, *UNIX. BRisa really needs your help and feedback so that it run out of the box on these systems. Please report problems to the development list and we will surely try to fix it.

There's also a plan of porting it to Symbian S60.

Q: Where should I look for help?

  • E-mail your problem to the discussion list (
  • IRC #brisa at

Q: I want to contribute. Where should I start?

Please consider Hackers Guide as reference. You should also contact us on IRC or through the mailing list in case you have problems for the project. We will also appreciate ideas and features requests.