Hacking BRisa


In this section we have a list of things/ideas for python-brisa and python-brisa-apps. If you're willing to contribute, please contact us on IRC (#brisa at Freenode) or through the development mailing list.

  • python-brisa

    • (medium) Run python-brisa examples and applications on other systems and submit/fix problems

      Since python-brisa is almost self-contained (except of cherrypy which is also pure python), problems that may arise should not be critical. It would be great to have a platform variable on brisa that modules can have easy access. Suggested systems are Mac OSX, *BSD, embedded linux flavours and Windows.

    • (easy) Improve the configuration API

      Improve brisa.core.config concerning method names, documentation, ease to use (perhaps make it work like a dictionary).

  • python-brisa-apps

    • brisa-media-server

      • (difficult) Add on-the-fly transcoding support

      • (medium) Improve the plug-in architecture

        Currently plugins for media server copy their files on the media server folder. It would be good to have a program that installs zipped plugins.

    • brisa-media-renderer

      • (medium) Implement an alternative render base (maybe using Atabake media engine)