1. About

This document describes the BRisa Project, its goals and what it provides.

1.1. BRisa Project

Under development since 2007 at the Laboratory of Embedded Systems and Pervasive computing located at Universidade Federal de Campina Grande - UFCG (Campina Grande - Brazil), the project general goal is to provide UPnP solutions.

The first of these UPnP solutions was python-brisa, a UPnP framework written in Python for deploying devices and control points.

News and updates will always be posted no our front page.

1.2. People

Team Leader and Project Manager: Leandro de Melo Sales <leandroal at gmail dot com>

Student Developers (python-brisa):
  • André Dieb Martins <andre.dieb at gmail dot com>
  • André Luiz de Guimarães <andre.leite at ee.ufcg.edu.br>
  • Felipe Coutinho <felipelcoutinho at gmail dot com>

1.3. Releases

Release schedule will always be posted on our front page.

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