2. Glossary

This is a basic glossary recommended reading before starting reading the documentation itself.

BRisa Project
project under development at Laboratory of Embedded Systems and Pervasive Computing, financed by INdT.
a python upnp framework developed by the BRisa Project.
brisa-applications or brisa-apps
applications developed by the BRisa Project that uses python-brisa.
also known as UPnP, short for universal plug and play, protocol defined by the UPnP Forum. Documents can be found at http://www.upnp.org.
for our purposes, when refering to a device, we will be refering to a UPnP device, that is, an entity capable of joining the UPnP network (thus capable of performing its role on the UPnP Architecture.
for our purposes, a service should be considered an UPnP service, that is, a service provider of actions. For example, a Content Directory service provides a Browse action that enables others to browse through a remote directory on the service location.
control point
an entity of the UPnP network capable of controlling devices
the gears or engine that powers the framework. This can be simply put analogous as a car engine - you can replace it by another one that provides the basic functionalities your car requires. python-brisa provides some engine options integrated with different frameworks, such as Gtk, Gobject, Qt, and so on.

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