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Class Device

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            object --+    
base_device.BaseDevice --+

Class that represents a device.

When used with default settings, usage should be minimized to instantiation, start() and stop().

The special setting is a create_webserver keyword that can be passed during construction. If False, it disables the automatic creation of the internal webserver for serving device files, so, the user should create his own webserver and set Device.webserver to it.

Instance Methods [hide private]
__init__(self, *args, **kwargs)
Constructor for the Device class.
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add_service(self, service)
Adds a service to the device.
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_create_webserver(self, force_listen_url='') source code
_generate_xml(self) source code
_publish(self) source code
Starts the device.
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Stops the device.
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is_running(self) source code
destroy(self) source code
_cleanup(self) source code

Inherited from base_device.BaseDevice: add_device, del_device, del_service, del_service_by_id, get_service_by_type, is_root_device

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Method Details [hide private]

__init__(self, *args, **kwargs)

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Constructor for the Device class.

  • device_type (string) - device type as described on the device reference
  • friendly_name (string) - a friendly name

    Optional parameters follow below:

  • udn (string) - uuid for the device. If not specified will be automatically generated.
  • parent (Device) - parent device
  • manufacturer (string) - manufacturer
  • manufacturer_url (string) - manufacturer url
  • model_description (string) - model description
  • model_name (string) - model name
  • model_number (string) - model number
  • model_url (string) - model url
  • serial_number (string) - serial number
  • upc (string) - upc
  • presentation_url (string) - presentation url
  • create_webserver (bool) - see class description for more information. Default value is True and you should normally don't pass anything
  • force_listen_url (bool) - forces the webserver to listen on a specific address. If it's not possible to listen on that address, another random one will be generated and used automatically.
Overrides: object.__init__

add_service(self, service)

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Adds a service to the device.

Overrides: base_device.BaseDevice.add_service