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Module service

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Control Point side service implementation. Classes contained by this module contain methods for performing actions on the service and event notification.

If you're using the control point high level API with no modifications on the global flags (located on module brisa), then you shouldn't need to create this class manually.

The framework default response to a device arrival is to build it and its services automatically and forward it to your control point on the "new_device_event" subscribed callback. This callback will receive the device already ready for all actions.

These device's services are already built and their UPnP actions are already methods of the service object itself. For instance, a content directory service object would already have a Browse() method for you to call directly, passing parameters in the keywords format (key=value) e.g. cds.Browse(ObjectId=5, ...). Also note that the keys should be on the UPnP specified format, like the example above we used ObjectId, as it appears on the reference.

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Wrapper for an event subscription.
Wrapper for an event unsubscription.
Wrapper for renew an event subscription.
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is_relative(url, base) source code