Package brisa :: Package core :: Module log :: Class ColoredLogger
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Class ColoredLogger

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logging.Filterer --+    
      logging.Logger --+

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__init__(self, name)
Constructor for the ColoredLogger class.
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Inherited from logging.Logger: addHandler, callHandlers, critical, debug, error, exception, fatal, findCaller, getEffectiveLevel, handle, info, isEnabledFor, log, makeRecord, removeHandler, setLevel, warn, warning

Inherited from logging.Logger (private): _log

Inherited from logging.Filterer: addFilter, filter, removeFilter

Class Variables [hide private]
  FORMAT = '%(created)f $BOLD%(levelname)s$RESET $BOLD%(module)s...
  COLOR_FORMAT = formatter_message(FORMAT, True)

Inherited from logging.Logger: manager, root

Method Details [hide private]

__init__(self, name)

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Constructor for the ColoredLogger class.

  • name (str) - name of the Logger.
Overrides: logging.Filterer.__init__

Class Variable Details [hide private]


'%(created)f $BOLD%(levelname)s$RESET $BOLD%(module)s:%(lineno)d' ':%(\
funcName)s()$RESET %(message)s'