3. maemo5 — Compiling/Installing on Maemo 5

The compilation process for maemo is done using Scratchbox, because of hardware limitation that can disrupt the process, the installation is done by .deb packages. The process is similar with the Maemo4 one.

3.1. Compiling Qt BRisa in Maemo 5 (Via Scratchbox)

The first thing you need to do is to install libqxt in your system. You can do that by direct installing the .deb file

$ sudo dpkg -i libqxt-dev_0.5.0maemo_all.deb

Or by compilling in Scratchbox and then installing it

$ sudo  apt-get install cdbs             (Done in device and Scratchbox)
$ sudo  apt-get install libqt4-dev       (Done in device and Scratchbox)
$ cd /brisa-cpp/trunk/dependencies/libqxt
$ dpkg-buildpackage
$ cd ..
$ dpkg -i libqxt-dev_0.5.0maemo_all.deb  (Done in device and Scratchbox)

Now you need to compile Qt BRisa typing(via Scratchbox)

$ cd /brisa-cpp/trunk/brisa-cpp
$ dpkg-buildpackage

And you’re going to be ready to install the .deb file

3.2. Installing Qt BRisa on Maemo 5

To install Qt BRisa in Maemo 4 you just need to download the libbrisa-dev_0.4.0maemo_all.deb file and type the following command inside the folder you put it

$ sudo dpkg -i libbrisa-dev_0.4.0maemo_all.deb

Remember that you need to have libqxt installed (look the Compiling Qt BRisa in Maemo 5 (Via Scratchbox) session).

The process is equal to the one in maemo4, but pay attention when making applications it’s not the same thing.