2. About

This document will describe BRisa project objective, how it makes the use of UPnP protocol easier and will cover the basics about using BRisa to create new devices, control points and services.

2.1. BRisa Project

Project under development since 2007 at the Laboratory of Embedded Systems and Pervasive computing located at Universidade Federal de Campina Grande – UFCG (Campina Grande – Brazil). Qt BRisa is part of BRisa project whose objective is to facilitate the use of UPnP protocol to connect devices.

Qt BRisa does that by providing an API written in Qt for easier creation of devices and control points, as well as actions and services.

News and updates will be posted on BRisa project front page.

2.2. People

Project Managers:
  • Leandro de Melo Sales <leandroal@gmail.com>
  • Thiago Sales <thiagobrunoms@gmail.com>
Student Developers:
  • Camilo Campos <zeromaisum@gmail.com>
  • Danilo Freitas <dsurviver@gmail.com>
  • Jeysibel Sousa Dantas <jeysibel@gmail.com>
  • Nicholas Alexander <nickmaclewy222@gmail.com>
  • Vinícius dos Santos Oliveira <vini.ipsmaker@gmail.com>
  • Willian Silva <willian.victors@gmail.com>

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