5. network — Network facilities

python-brisa provides a network module with some functions which will simplify networking related tasks.

5.1. Using the parse_url() function

This little example shows a simple and generic use of the parse_url() function

from brisa.core.network import parse_url
url = 'http://brisa.garage.maemo.org'

It will return a 6-tuple: (scheme, netloc, path, params, query, fragment) which in the example above will look like this

('http', brisa.garage.maemo.org', '/', '', '', '')

5.2. Getting the ip of interfaces

When you need to get the ip of one of your interfaces you can do as following

from brisa.core.network import get_ip_address, get_active_ifaces
for interfaces in get_active_ifaces():

This will output strings containing the active interfaces’ IP address