BrisaCore Namespace Reference


class  BrisaConfigurationManager
 Class that provides an easy way of managing configurations. More...
class  BrisaWebFile
 Adds a file to the web server. More...
class  BrisaWebserver
 The BrisaWebserver class is a web server implementation. More...
class  BrisaWebService
 Web service abstraction class. More...
class  BrisaWebServiceProvider
 The BrisaWebServiceProvider class works as web service manager for the web server. More...
class  BrisaWebStaticContent
 The BrisaWebStaticContent class stores a QString into the web server. More...


const QByteArray DEFAULT_PAGE

Variable Documentation

const QByteArray BrisaCore::DEFAULT_PAGE

Definition at line 35 of file brisawebserver.cpp.

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