BrisaUpnp::BrisaEventProxy Class Reference

#include <BrisaUpnp/BrisaEventProxy>

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void eventNotification (BrisaEventProxy *subscription, QMap< QString, QString > eventingVariables)
 Signal that is emitted when an event is received.

Public Member Functions

 ~BrisaEventProxy ()
int getId ()
void renew (const int &newTimeout=-1)
void subscribe (const int timeout=-1)
void unsubscribe ()


class BrisaControlPoint

Detailed Description

Class that implements the event part in control point side in Brisa Qt, this class makes the operations of subscribe, renew subscription and unsubscribe.

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

BrisaEventProxy::~BrisaEventProxy (  ) 


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Member Function Documentation

BrisaEventProxy::void BrisaUpnp::BrisaEventProxy::eventNotification ( BrisaEventProxy subscription,
QMap< QString, QString >  eventingVariables 
) [signal]

Signal that is emitted when an event is received.

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int BrisaEventProxy::getId (  ) 

Gets the request id.

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void BrisaEventProxy::renew ( const int &  newTimeout = -1  )  [virtual]

Renew the subscribe in a event for the newTimeout passed

newTimeout new timeout. Less than 0 to infinite

Implements BrisaUpnp::BrisaAbstractEventSubscription.

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void BrisaEventProxy::subscribe ( const int  timeout = -1  ) 

Subscribe for the events from a service subscriptions will last the timeout passed.

timeout timeout

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void BrisaEventProxy::unsubscribe ( void   ) 

Unsubscribe the events from a service, using this the user won't receive more event responses.

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Friends And Related Function Documentation

friend class BrisaControlPoint [friend]

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