BrisaUpnp::BrisaControlPointService Class Reference

BrisaControlPointService is the class that implements action control in UPnP Architecture. More...

#include <BrisaUpnp/BrisaControlPointService>

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Public Member Functions

 BrisaControlPointService (QObject *parent=0)
 BrisaControlPointService (const QString &serviceType, const QString &serviceId="", const QString &scpdUrl="", const QString &controlUrl="", const QString &eventSubUrl="", const QString &host="", QObject *parent=0)
 BrisaControlPointService (BrisaControlPointService &service)
void parseFromXml (QTemporaryFile *xml)
void call (const QString &method, BrisaInArgument &param)

Detailed Description

BrisaControlPointService is the class that implements action control in UPnP Architecture.

It performs the action requests it's used in control point part, so that the user can make action calls.

BrisaControlPointService is a BrisaAbstractService.

Definition at line 48 of file brisacontrolpointservice.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

BrisaControlPointService::BrisaControlPointService ( QObject *  parent = 0  ) 

Constructs an empty BrisaControlPointService

parent empty

Definition at line 37 of file brisacontrolpointservice.cpp.

BrisaControlPointService::BrisaControlPointService ( const QString &  serviceType,
const QString &  serviceId = "",
const QString &  scpdUrl = "",
const QString &  controlUrl = "",
const QString &  eventSubUrl = "",
const QString &  host = "",
QObject *  parent = 0 

Constructs a BrisaControlPointService with the passed attributes.

serviceType empty
serviceId empty
scpdUrl empty
controlUrl empty
eventSubUrl empty
host empty
parent empty

Definition at line 42 of file brisacontrolpointservice.cpp.

BrisaControlPointService::BrisaControlPointService ( BrisaControlPointService service  ) 

Constructs a copy of serv.

serv empty

Definition at line 51 of file brisacontrolpointservice.cpp.

Member Function Documentation

void BrisaControlPointService::call ( const QString &  method,
BrisaInArgument param 
) [virtual]

Call the method, with the passed param from a service, this action is performed by a webservice request.

method method to be called
param map with the parameters to be passed

Implements BrisaUpnp::BrisaAbstractService.

Definition at line 63 of file brisacontrolpointservice.cpp.

void BrisaControlPointService::parseFromXml ( QTemporaryFile *  xml  ) 

Initializes the BrisaControlPointService from the parse of xml that is a xml description file containing the service information.

xml empty

Definition at line 57 of file brisacontrolpointservice.cpp.

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