BrisaUpnp::BrisaActionXmlParser Class Reference

XML parser for SOAP requests. More...

#include <BrisaUpnp/BrisaActionXmlParser>

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Public Member Functions

 BrisaActionXmlParser ()
virtual ~BrisaActionXmlParser ()
bool parseSOAP ()
void parseElement (QDomElement &element)
void setXmlContent (const QByteArray &content)

Public Attributes

QMap< QString, QString > args
QString method
QString serviceType

Detailed Description

XML parser for SOAP requests.

BrisaActionXmlParser parses information coming from the webserver. If a action is detected, public class members args, method, serviceType will be filled with the parsed data.

BrisaActionXmlParser uses DOM.

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

BrisaActionXmlParser::BrisaActionXmlParser (  ) 


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BrisaActionXmlParser::~BrisaActionXmlParser (  )  [virtual]


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Member Function Documentation

void BrisaActionXmlParser::parseElement ( QDomElement &  element  ) 

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bool BrisaActionXmlParser::parseSOAP (  ) 

Call this method to parse the SOAP request set by the setXmlContent method.

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void BrisaActionXmlParser::setXmlContent ( const QByteArray &  content  ) 

Sets the content to be parsed.

content the content to be parsed

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Member Data Documentation

QMap<QString, QString> BrisaUpnp::BrisaActionXmlParser::args

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