BrisaMulticastEventReceiver Class Reference

#include <brisamulticasteventreceiver.h>

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void multicastReceived (QMap< QString, QString > attributes)

Public Member Functions

 BrisaMulticastEventReceiver (QObject *parent=0)
virtual ~BrisaMulticastEventReceiver ()
void start ()

Detailed Description

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

BrisaMulticastEventReceiver::BrisaMulticastEventReceiver ( QObject *  parent = 0  ) 


parent parent

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BrisaMulticastEventReceiver::~BrisaMulticastEventReceiver (  )  [virtual]


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Member Function Documentation

void BrisaMulticastEventReceiver::multicastReceived ( QMap< QString, QString >  attributes  )  [signal]

Signal emitted when a multicast message is received and fully formatted.

attributes QMap containing the attributes of the message, including the variable name ("variableName") and the new value ("newValue").

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void BrisaMulticastEventReceiver::start (  ) 

Starts receiving the multicast events.

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