BrisaCore::BrisaWebserver Class Reference

The BrisaWebserver class is a web server implementation. More...

#include <brisawebserver.h>

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Public Member Functions

 BrisaWebserver (const QHostAddress &host, quint16 port)
 ~BrisaWebserver ()
void publishFile (QString path, QString filePath)
void addService (QString path, QxtWebServiceDirectory *service)

Protected Member Functions

void incomingRequest (quint32 requestID, const QHttpRequestHeader &header, QxtWebContent *deviceContent)
int newSession ()

Detailed Description

The BrisaWebserver class is a web server implementation.

BrisaWebServer implements a Web Server using libQxt.

Definition at line 95 of file brisawebserver.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

BrisaWebserver::BrisaWebserver ( const QHostAddress &  host,
quint16  port 

Constructor for BrisaWebServer

host empty
port empty

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BrisaWebserver::~BrisaWebserver (  ) 

Destructor for BrisaWebServer

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Member Function Documentation

void BrisaWebserver::addService ( QString  path,
QxtWebServiceDirectory *  service 

Adds a service to the web server. The service url path will be added to the root of the server.

path empty
service empty

Definition at line 123 of file brisawebserver.cpp.

void BrisaWebserver::incomingRequest ( quint32  requestID,
const QHttpRequestHeader &  header,
QxtWebContent *  deviceContent 
) [protected]

This method dumps request information to the screen.

requestID empty
header empty
deviceContent empty

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int BrisaWebserver::newSession (  )  [protected]

Creates a new session and returns the session number.

Definition at line 119 of file brisawebserver.cpp.

void BrisaWebserver::publishFile ( QString  path,
QString  filePath 

Publishes a file to the root.

publishPath empty
filePath empty

Definition at line 135 of file brisawebserver.cpp.

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