BrisaCore::BrisaConfigurationManager Class Reference

Class that provides an easy way of managing configurations. More...

#include <brisaconfig.h>

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Public Member Functions

 BrisaConfigurationManager (const QString &configPath, const QHash< QString, QString > &state)
void setDirectAccess (bool access)
bool getDirectAccess ()
void update ()
void save ()
QString getParameter (const QString &section, const QString &parameter)
void setParameter (const QString &section, const QString &parameter, const QString &parValue)
QList< QString > getSectionNames ()
QHash< QString, QString > items (const QString &section)
bool removeSection (const QString &section)

Detailed Description

Class that provides an easy way of managing configurations.

Configuration is organized in sections, which may contain parameters. Each section has a name and a parameter has a name and a value.

Concerning storage, the configuration can be saved on a sqlite database. Also, there's a feature called "direct access" that enables direct operations on the database. For example,a getParameter() call would retrieve the value of a parameter directly from the database, if the feature is enabled.

When disabled, all methods apply to (what we call) the "state". The state initially contains the same information that is on the database, but if the "direct access" feature is disabled, all get()'s and set()'s apply to the state. This means you can have a "runtime configuration" and a "static configuration".

By default, the "direct access" feature is disabled. To enable it, just call setDirectAccess(True).

The state can be saved on the persistence by explicitly calling save() It can also update its values by explicitly calling update().

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

BrisaConfigurationManager::BrisaConfigurationManager ( const QString &  configPath,
const QHash< QString, QString > &  state 

Constructor for the BrisaConfigurationManager class.

config_path a QString that represents the path of the database to work on. If not supplied will work on a memory database.
state,: hash as a dictionaryr with sections and parameters.\ Keys are section.parameters format and values are the their respective values.

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Member Function Documentation

bool BrisaConfigurationManager::getDirectAccess (  ) 

Returns False if the ConfigurationManager is currently working on the runtime state. Otherwise, it will return True, which means it's working directly on the persistence.

The current status of the ConfigurationManager

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QString BrisaConfigurationManager::getParameter ( const QString &  section,
const QString &  parameter 

Retrieves the value associated with the parameter in the section given.

section a section to find the parameter
parameter a parameter to return the value
the value for the given parameter

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QList< QString > BrisaConfigurationManager::getSectionNames (  ) 

Returns the names of all sections.

a QList with its parameters and values

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QHash< QString, QString > BrisaConfigurationManager::items ( const QString &  section  ) 

Returns all the items of the given section.

section name
a dictionary with all the items of the given section

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bool BrisaConfigurationManager::removeSection ( const QString &  section  ) 

Removes a section given the name.

section,: section name to be removed
a boolean. true whether is possible remove it

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void BrisaConfigurationManager::save (  ) 

Stores the state of the manager on the persistence.

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void BrisaConfigurationManager::setDirectAccess ( bool  access  ) 

Sets the direct access option of the ConfigurationManager. When True, direct access makes all get and set methods work directly on the database, not on the current state.

access a boolean argument to set direct access option of the BrisaConfigurationManager

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void BrisaConfigurationManager::setParameter ( const QString &  section,
const QString &  parameter,
const QString &  parValue 

Sets a parameter's value in the given section. If the parameter does not exist, it gets created.

section a section to set the parameter
parameter a parameter to set the value
parameter a value to be set

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void BrisaConfigurationManager::update (  ) 

Updates the current state of the manager according to persistence data.

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