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Class Element

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xml.etree.ElementTree._ElementInterface --+

Wrapper for elements. Can mount a complete tree of DIDL UPnP classes from a string and also mount the string from a complete tree.

Instance Methods [hide private]
__init__(self) source code
add_container(self, id, parent_id, title, restricted=False) source code
add_item(self, item) source code
num_items(self) source code
get_items(self) source code
to_string(self) source code

Inherited from xml.etree.ElementTree._ElementInterface: __delitem__, __delslice__, __getitem__, __getslice__, __len__, __repr__, __setitem__, __setslice__, append, clear, find, findall, findtext, get, getchildren, getiterator, insert, items, keys, makeelement, remove, set

Class Methods [hide private]
from_string(cls, aString) source code
Class Variables [hide private]

Inherited from xml.etree.ElementTree._ElementInterface: attrib, tag, tail, text

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Overrides: xml.etree.ElementTree._ElementInterface.__init__